How to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring

Spring is the season to feel re-energized. With the days becoming longer and warmer, it’s the best time to breathe new life into your bedroom by incorporating the beauty of the season into your interiors. Here are interior design trends you may consider to freshen up your bedroom for springtime.

Bring out a lighter duvet

The sun is up again, and the nights are now warmer than during winter. So, you won’t feel the need to burrow yourself under thick duvets as you did during winter. Instead, a light duvet will be appropriate for springtime.

Embrace nature

Bring nature right into your bedroom with a bunch of freshly-cut flowers or a beautiful plant. A posy of wildflowers on the sides of your bed is a nice feature to behold every time you wake up. If you’re not into plants, perhaps you can try stylish botanical prints to bring you closer to nature.

De-clutter your bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom is distracting and can negatively affect your sleep quality. Take a day or two to go through your clothes and belongings. Donate or throw away anything you don’t need, and keep seasonal stuff in storage.

Repaint your bedroom

Consider repainting your bedroom on a spare weekend for a quick and easy makeover. Green is the color of plants springing back to life and blossoming, and thus an excellent choice for welcoming the spring season in your bedroom.

When the outdoors begins to come back to life, so should your interiors, and especially your bedroom, the very first place you start your day. Update your bedroom for spring with these ideas.